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Matthew Januzik, M.A.

Matthew Januzik, M.A.

Psychological Associate
PSB 94026020

I have found the use of stories to be an incredibly meaningful and impactful tool both in my life, and in the lives of those around me. Storytelling is inherent to every culture across history and everyone approaches it in their own unique ways. Oftentimes, the stories we tell ourselves can drastically shape who we are and who we choose to be. Through my experience in psychology, I have witnessed these stories directly impact a person’s life in both positive and negative ways. Much of my work with people is to help them either cope with the stories they have learned, or find ways to rewrite them into more positive narratives. It is this appreciation of storytelling that has brought me to the world of psychology.

I am currently a graduate student in my 4th year of my Clinical Psychology Psy.D. doctoral program at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. I have multiple years of experience conducting both short- and long-term therapy with children, teenagers, and adults. I have served my clients in community mental health and private practice settings and have worked with a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, trauma, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Most recently, I have provided assessment services to children and adolescents who have various neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, Language Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Sensory Processing issues. I also hold a position at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where I provide pre- and post-surgical assessments to children and adolescents with epilepsy and other medical conditions. At Equip, I lead the Dungeons & Dragons social skills groups under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Duke. There I combine my therapeutic knowledge with multiple years of experience as a Dungeon Master to provide a holistic, educational, healing, and most importantly, fun therapeutic experience for the children I work with. I am a Psychological Associate working toward licensure as a psychologist and am being supervised by Dr. Thomas Duke (PSY28069) at Equip.

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Matthew Januzik, M.A.

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