Therapy for Boys and Men

Skills and guidance to help him succeed.

For Parents

Invest in your son’s future by helping him develop the skills and guidance he needs to be strong, secure, caring, and capable of achieving his goals in life.

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For Men

Whether you are hoping to heal, striving to grow, or seeking to weather life's challenges, we can be your partners in change.

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Who We Are

Equip is a therapy practice located in Pasadena, CA. We focus on the needs of boys, men, and their families.

About Us

We care about the families in our community and have expertise on the needs of boys and men. Click below to meet our team.

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Our Services

We offer a range of approaches to help you or your son make sense of the struggles you’re facing and master the skills
you need to succeed.

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Reach out. We’ll work together to create goals and make a plan. Call or email now to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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For Parents

Helping your son make sense of the struggles he's facing.

Like most good parents you want your son to have the tools, support, and guidance he needs to succeed.

But, life has it’s challenges, and it can be difficult when you’re concerned that your son might not overcome the emotional, social, or academic hurdles ahead of him.

We offer expert guidance on how to help him heal and grow.

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For Men

Begin your journey towards feeling better and more connected.

We provide therapy for men, combining our knowledge of the unique challenges facing men in today's world with a respectful and non-judgmental approach.

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We care about the families in our community and the boys and men we serve.

Our expertise

Equip treats most mental health concerns common in men and boys.


When sadness grows to hopelessness, therapy can be part of the road to feeling better.


We all have worries, but sometimes worries grow to become unmanageable and debilitating. Our therapists have helped many people find relief.

Social Skills

Our therapy groups help boys and young men develop fluency in interacting with others and learn how to confidently and appropriately express themselves.


When life takes an unexpected turn, we work to help our clients build the resilience to face it.


Built through experience and attitude, we help men and boys build confidence and self-esteem.

Parenting Support

Supporting parents as they develop is our passion. We provide parenting fine-tuning to help parents manage challenging behaviors.

Current Group Therapy Offerings

More Group Therapy
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Call or inquire now to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Reach out. We’ll work together to create goals and make a plan, and then we’ll execute that plan together.

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