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Growing Together

We offer a variety of groups geared toward some of the main concerns we are presented with from clients in our practice. Group therapy doesn't have to be lame or awkward - when done well, groups provide an amazing experience to grow alongside peers while feeling validated and empowered along the way. Our groups are fun, educational, and built around equipping boys, men, and families with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Emotions can be overwhelming and can seemingly compel us toward reactions in stressful situations, even when we would like to handle those situations differently. Social situations are no exception and group therapy is a great option that helps children gain mastery over their emotions as they happen in social situations. Kids learn to try new behaviors and to manage their reactions in the moment, leading to the potential for big changes.

What can group therapy help with?

  • Express emotions more appropriately and effectively
  • Develop insight about patterns in their social interactions
  • Better control their impulses
  • Compromise in group decisions
  • Speak up more assertively and effectively
  • Repair relationships after a conflict
  • Appropriately express frustration
  • Manage and reduce angry reactions

If you have questions about group therapy and whether it is appropriate for your child, please contact us for more information as well as for our currently available groups.

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