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Michelle Stobaugh, LMFT

Michelle Stobaugh, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I love working collaboratively with my clients to help overcome the challenges they face and live more meaningful, enriched lives. I work with individuals, couples, children, and families. When working with individuals I help clients to establish good coping skills, heal emotionally and relationally, and build a solid and secure sense of self. When working with couples and families I use an emotion-focused approach to help them reconnect and problem-solve in order to establish a  stronger and more secure bond with each other. 

My specialty is working with children and teenagers. I care about and understand children and adolescents, and the fantastic ways they think and feel. As a child therapist I love giving a child or teen knowledge, insight, and tools that they can use throughout their lifetime. I typically use a mind-body approach with all of my clients, where mental health symptoms tell us we need to slow down and find the root cause of what's going on in both our mind and body. With children, I use  play therapy to help address the root cause and support a child's nervous system at the same time. I am also certified in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and enjoy using these techniques to help my clients take better control of their thoughts and feelings. I attended graduate school at Pepperdine University and have had excellent training with children, teens, and families in a variety of settings. From school-based one on one work with children with special emotional/behavioral needs, to the public nonprofit sector working with families and youth with trauma concerns, to working in private practice with families, couples, and individuals, I’ve been fortunate to garner a wealth of experience to draw from.

In my spare time, I love to read good books, get outdoors, go to the beach, and enjoy oat milk lattes! 

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Michelle Stobaugh, LMFT

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